1. How can I give you money?
You want to give me money, thanks boss! So far, in this webshop you can pay by Paypal. If you would like another payment method please get in touch with me via the contact form, or telephone call me like the old days.  I also accept bank transfers, cash, and champagne.

2. I ordered, now what?
I thank you (obvi). You'll get an email from me with details as to when you can expect your suit. Usually you must allow 7-14 days for shipment. For international shipment, longer. Please remember, the suits are handmade locally in the Netherlands and sometimes there can be delays, we're human (but don't tell anyone). 

3. Why do they cost 150-200 euro?
This ain't no basic suit. I personally promise you won't feel basic in it either.  Also because your suit is not made in a sweatshop, and our sewers are paid  absurdly amazing wages.

4. Does this suit give me super powers?
Yes. Now put it on and Drop it like it's hot.

5. Why do you like Pizza so much?
Because pizza.

6. Am I really part of the JØ gang now?Yes. Yes you are. So be Gangly and spam Jess Øberlin, JØ, around the internet, tell all your friends, tell your mom and grandma to buy a suit. Go knock on your neighbors door and show them how awesome you look. Oh ya, send us your pics!  

7. My question is not answered here!
OK, ok, get in touch with me through email, or phone and let's sort you out. 

8. Will you sing a karaoke song with me?
YES, ALWAYS YES, in fact, Jess Øberlin has her own karaoke show! Tell your friends to book us at your next party BOOK US

9. How can we drink champagne if I am in another country?
I am available for skype champagne sessions on Fridays each week.

10. Enough with the questions already, go out for champagne.